Vegetable Soup Outerscope

About a bunch of neighbor kids (actually puppets) who build a rocketship (called, naturally enough, “Outerscope”) out of wooden planks and pilot it into outer space. They visit a whole bunch of allegorical, surreal worlds in which they learn about tolerance, multiculteralism, the value of a good education, and other assorted “valuable lessons” that mid-70s PBS shows specialized in.

What was uniquely disturbing about “Outerscope” was that the kids were puppets, but with real human hands. The puppeteers would stick their adult-sized hands out the sides of the kid-sized puppet-bodies. Only their hands, mind you, not their arms. So these puppet-kids had giant hands & wrists jutting from their sides, but no arms.

It was like watching a puppet show about kids with thalidomide birth defects. [The Straight Dope]

*Aiming to name the group after this TV series, in failed memory, I misnamed us, “Alphabet Soup.” Admittedly, “Vegetable Soup” would have never worked as a group name.

+Woody The Spoon Cooks Rice

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